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Micro financing institution JOBS EAD was created in 2010 as a part of the group of The Bulgarian development bank. Its main purpose is to facilitate the access to financing of the micro and small businesses, agricultural producers, freelancers, craftsmen and others who develop or start new...

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Successful Projects

The history of these planes began during royal times. DAR, a state-level aircraft workshop was founded by King Ferdinand in 1917 in the service of the National Air Force. In the 1990s, an engineer and enthusiast Tony Iliev decided to restore the work of the legendary workshop and started the production of Bulgarian ultra light aircrafts.

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International Partners

European Association of Long Term Investors (ELTI)

BDB has been a member of ELTI since 2006. The organisation was established under the name of ISLTC in June 2006 and its mission was to facilitate the cooperation and information and know-how exchange between similar institutions within the European Union which specialise in long-term investments...

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Interest index
EURIBOR -0.326
LIBOR EUR -0.352
SOFIBOR -0.005
Exchange rates
Currency Fixings
EUR 1.95583
USD 1.65678
GBP 2.23907
CHF 1.65482
Currency Buy Sell
EUR 1.95 1.96
USD 1.6318 1.6818
GBP 2.2158 2.2638
CHF 1.6305 1.6755
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EUR 1.949 1.961
USD 1.6308 1.6828