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National Guarantee Fund

In 2008, to facilitate credit terms further, we established a subsidiary, the National Guarantee Fund (NGF), which issues guarantees to complement collateral required by commercial banks. This expands the range of companies which banks are willing to lend to and brings down interest rates. Over...

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Successful Projects

The history of these planes began during royal times. DAR, a state-level aircraft workshop was founded by King Ferdinand in 1917 in the service of the National Air Force. In the 1990s, an engineer and enthusiast Tony Iliev decided to restore the work of the legendary workshop and started the production of Bulgarian ultra light aircrafts.

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International Partners

Network of European Financial Institutions (NEFI)

Network of European Financial Institutions (NEFI) - In 2007 BDB was accepted as a full member of the Network of European Financial Institutions (NEFI) after it was an observer at the organization since 2004. NEFI consists of 16 financial institutions from 16 member state of the European Union....

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